Toolkit for the Campaign to Remove Russ and Kill the “Blueprint for Change” (Privatization)!

This toolkit was created as member of and with the Save Section 9 Coalition in the Spring of 2020 as we rallied folks citywide to ‘Kill the Blueprint’ legislation.

NYCHA director Greg Russ has been making a strong attempt to pass legislation to approve his so-called “Blueprint for Change.” Resident opposition helped get the bill withdrawn from the Spring 2021 session, but we have to prevent it from being revived in the next session.

Let’s be clear: the Blueprint proposal is not dead yet.

Its sponsors in Albany said June 3: “we have decided that further conversation, outreach, and negotiation are necessary before advancing legislation on this topic…,” and “we look forward to continuing to discuss how best to meet the needs of public housing residents in the months ahead.” Let’s tell them how to meet the needs of public housing residents!

How we won: Read the story of the Tenant Revolt that sank the Blueprint!

This toolkit aims to support tenants, tenant leaders and organizers in conducting outreach locally, at their developments, so we can build power citywide.

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Table of Contents
  • Petition 2
  • Person-to-Person Outreach 2
  • Emailing Allies (and Like Minded Organizations) 3
  • Social Media Outreach 5
  • Instagram boilerplate 5
  • Twitter boilerplate 6
  • Additional Actions 6
  • Outreach to Elected Officials 6
  • Make Stop Privatization visible in your complex! 7
  • Additional Educational Documents 7
  • Blueprint 101 7
  • Section 9 vs. Blueprint 7
  • Greg Russ 101 – Version 1 completed, Version 2 forthcoming 7
  • Russ Conflict of Interest Letter 7
  • Additional Talking Points 7
  • Blueprint Legislation Comparison Summary 7
  • Recommended Articles 7

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Posted on: September 17, 2021