Research Summary and Social Media Slides on the Private Partners Selected for RAD Conversions on NYCHA Rising

An inquiry into the private partners selected for RAD/PACT deals in NYC reveals a concerning trend of selecting some of the worst land owners and affordable housing industry players devouring residents across the city.

RAD is a program through which public housing buildings and units are transferred from Section 9 to Section 8, and private entities are brought in to management and repair the buildings.

We looked into these private entities to learn a bit more about who the city was transferring control over too – who’s hands were they putting NYCHA tenants in?

This preliminary analysis examined the development, management, construction and social service entities that have been assigned to NYCHA developments that are in the process of undergoing RAD conversions or have already.

In contrast to the hopeful promises expressed by the City and NYCHA, such an examination raises questions about the nefarious nature of the private actors assembled, and confirms concerns raised by tenants, advocates, and activists about persisting neglect and the potential for displacement.

“You can not look at this list and think the City and NYCHA and HUD are doing the best they can by tenants.”

This post highlights some of entities that we were able to easily find dirt on, but there is more to be found on these and the other selected private partners. To clarify this point further – this list is not about highlighting or removing these specific bad actors from an otherwise benign process. The process itself – reliant as it is on privatization and financialization – is what must be changed. The details shared below are merely evidence of the broader tension between people and profit that housing advocates, activists and residents have been highlighting longstanding.

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Posted on: October 23, 2020