OpEd titled “Sunnyside Yards Master Plan Sits on a Deck of Myths” in City Limits

Last Tuesday, the NYCEDC released their long-awaited—and dreaded—master plan for development over Sunnyside Yards. In it they praise themselves for their “robust engagement efforts” and “inclusive, community-driven process”, and for making this $14.4 billiion project about human and community needs rather than the profit desires of developers. They position the act of decking over the yards as a necessary way of creating public land because, as NYCEDC’s head James Patchett states, “We’re running out of land..and it is harder and harder to find places for real affordable housing.”

However this statement, like many of the claims in the plan, are myths that NYCEDC is propagating to push this plan forward. Herein, we address five of them. This is not exhaustive, but it is enough. Decking over the 180 acres of these rail yards isn’t the answer to the challenges facing Queens residents. Better to consider dissolving the entity responsible for such a proposal

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Posted on: March 11, 2020