Collaborative Project titled “Mapping Arts, NYC”

As a Data for Public Good Fellow with the GC Digital Intiatives in Spring 2019, I along with a team of 9 other fellows and a faculty advisor brought a digital project from brainstorm phase to conception, to roll out and presentation in a matter of months. More than the product itself, I appreciated the nosedive into the hairiness of a digital project and the technical and ethical and the opportunity to discuss and unpack and resolve them in a supportive context with peers.

Project Summary:

Mapping Arts NYC is a project that explores the geography and representation of arts and culture in New York City over time. This website represents a work in progress and the culmination of a semester-long effort to tell a story about ten years of the arts in NYC. The team worked with open data portals, city agencies, and not for profit organizations to compile, map and analyze up to a decade of data to visualize different aspects of cultural landscape in New York City. Maps include information about artists and art firms, support to the cultural community through funding (federal and state arts funding), donations, capital spending on arts,  public support, etc. The Mapping Arts NYC Data Team worked for months to clean and standardize data it in order to fill in the gaps. The data is provided on a zip code level, with associated neighborhood names. To explore the data further, download it from GitHub.

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Posted on: May 20, 2019