Critical Musings – Personal Blog

Yellow and red seams, stretched and ripped.
Image Source: tanakawho

‘Critical Musings’ is how I refer to my personal blog posts. ‘Personal’ here means two things: 1) personal because I write them for no other reason other than I want to (and sometimes, I feel I must to get a particular emotion or thought out of my head) and 2) personal because given that these writing often stem from emotions, they are incredibly revealing of my person and personhood and come from inner depths of my soul, where my heart, gut and mind live. Writing these posts helps me pull the world apart, go in deeper and begin organizing my thoughts around a particular topic or phenomena. There aren’t many, and they are infrequent, but often times these are cathartic writings for me. Maybe I’m translating and distilling my anger or awe about a recent event (i.e. Popular Disruption and Hidden Histories), other times I’m just trying to make sense of something – to get down on paper what I think is happening and how (i.e. Demand for Land). Sometimes these are also the beginning points for larger research and writing projects, and sometimes, they may also be beginning points for collaborations with others (i.e. Pedagogy of Prefiguration – more coming soon!).

As with all of my work: comments, concerns, collaborations, welcome!

Posted on: December 7, 2017