Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the classroom

My approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is rooted in the understanding that our differences are rooted in our own experiences and histories, and translate into expertise and strengths that can be deployed in the classroom. And, that students’ strategies and approaches to life, learning, and leadership are rooted in their complex personhoods, but are also dynamic and always evolving. And further, that the classroom is one environment wherein students’ learning and leadership can be further cultivated if respected, and nourished.

Involved in this approach is a commitment to meeting students where they are and getting to know them, to the extent that they allow. This doesn’t mean prying, but this does mean listening.

It also means taking an intersectional approach to teaching and learning in the classroom. This includes bringing in multiple perspectives that shed different lights on course topics, and applying a complex understanding of our own lives.

*This statement was initially written for an application to the Macauly Honors College Teaching and Learning Colloaboratory Fellowship positions.